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BYOD: Bring Your Own Disaster?

BYOD is all the rage with mobility pundits. And from a theoretical standpoint, that’s understandable. After all, just about every employee in today’s workplace has...

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The Smackdown on US Wireless Carrier Roaming Fee

With the onset of smart phones, wireless data usage continues to rise. In response, wireless carriers constantly change their data plans to adjust to the...

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BYOP -The best of BYOD and Corporate-Owned Program

BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) has become a buzz word of 2012. Yet, many companies are reluctant to venture into this area for various reasons. But with their...

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Mobile stipends: Solution or cop-out?

Mobile stipends: Solution or cop-out? Many companies are trying to simplify their management of employee mobility through the use of stipends.  Under this approach, employees can...

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Non-disruptive WEM the key to high ROI

It is obviously most important to save money when business requirements are growing faster than resources.  This is the current case with wireless telecom.  Usage...

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When it comes to WEM, speed counts

Historically, TEM and WEM have moved at a glacial pace. Some WEM vendors still take months to on-board customers and start providing invoice analysis. They...

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The death of all-you-can-eat data

Now that Verizon has announced the end of unlimited data plans, corporate telecom managers will have to rethink the way they buy wireless plans for...

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Fear of saving

One surprisingly common reason that companies don’t use WEMaaS to cut their phone bills has nothing to do with calling plans or cost calculations. ...

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Everybody into the pool!

The “pooling” of user minutes is an important best practice for driving down your monthly cell phone costs while ensuring that everyone gets all the...

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Can WEMaaS really change your life?

OK, I admit it’s not the coolest acronym in the world.  But WEMaaS is here.  And, yes, it can change your life. WEMaaS stands for “Wireless...

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See OneCall Manage CEO Berylle Reynolds sharing innovative ways in managing wireless.

BYOD Reality Check

Mobile technology is an awesome business tool.  It makes your people more productive.  It empowers you to respond more quickly to your customers and their needs.  And it enables you to solve problems anytime, anywhere.

But mobility brings with it many new challenges.  These challenges include cost control, IT security and end-user support.  The current trend towards BYOD (“bring your own device”) makes these challenges even more complex—since it means that organizations no longer own the smartphones and tablets their employees are using to access critical applications and data.

So, while every organization should certainly embrace the advantages mobility offers, they also have to be careful to avoid the common mistakes that so often result in wasteful over-spending, exposure to data theft and lost staff productivity.

The good news is that OneCall Manage has seen it all—from the best to the worst—when it comes to mobility and BYOD.  That’s why we’re the ideal partner for any company looking to make the most of mobility while steering clear of its potential pitfalls.

To help you on your quest for mobile excellence, we’re offering you our free white paper on the Five Common Mobility Mistake Every Company Should Avoid.  This concise, informative document will offer you valuable insights whether you’re just getting started on your mobile journey or are already going down the BYOD road.

We also hope it gives you a sense of just how helpful OneCall Manage can be to you as mobility continues to play a bigger role in your organization and in the lives of your employees.

Click here for your free copy today!


Cut costs immediately and over time by identifying billing errors and waste


Keep costs down and maximize productivity with granular usage monitoring


Drive down costs and generate dynamic reports aggregated across carriers


Provide cost-effective expert support powered by detailed user analysis


Control future costs with companywide policies based on user behavior profiling